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Goldrick Executive appreciates the need within this sector to deliver reliable and affordable energy to a growing population, and the pressure to simultaneously transition to a more sustainable and cleaner energy. This cannot happen without recognition of the continued growth in the demand for fossil fuels, development of renewables and new energy in electrical batteries and hydrogen.

We offer a reliable service with great integrity and due diligence, in recognition of the multiple risks in existence within the energy sector. Goldrick Executive has extensive experience across the entire value chain, including exploration and development, engineering, project delivery, operations, asset management, decommissioning and asset deposal. We are accustomed to appointing executive, technical and functional management positions within the sector.

Mining & Minerals 

Fluctuating commodity prices and economic uncertainties are continuing to impact the sector. Technological advances and changes in consumer behaviour which have created a rise in demand which in turn has prompted additional investment into this sector. The issue of sustainability has never been more poignant, and the resource sector is having to face this challenge whilst striving to meet the growing demands of the producers, investors and consumers.

Goldrick Executive has extensive experience in delivering search assignments in the mining and minerals sector at the executive, management and technical levels in project feasibility, engineering and project delivery, operations, maintenance and asset management.


There has been a significant investment in the Asia Pacific region across petrochemical and specialty chemicals to satisfy the increasing demand and address the need for Co2 emission reductions. Operational excellence is essential to achieve sustainability, as well as safety and environmental performance, in addition to generating continued profitability and growth.

Goldrick Executive has experience in this sector across the fields of project feasibility, engineering, project delivery, operations, maintenance and asset management, and the appointment of candidates in executive, functional management and technical positions.


Asia Pacific has a growing population and there is a need for continued investment in key social requirements, such as water and transport; roads, rail, airports, and ports. Increased political tension in the globe is also driving significant investment in critical defense infrastructure and capability within the region. 

Goldrick Executive has extensive experience in supporting global leaders in infrastructure engineering and project delivery, infrastructure asset owning teams in the region, and the search for exceptional talent to fill executive, functional management and technical positions.

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